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Bavarian Beer Mustard 

Our best seller made with Beck’s Beer, whole grain mustard seed, horseradish, garlic, spices and peppers. A hardy mustard. Excellent with bratwurst and sausage. $10.00 / 12oz. jar


Mountain Mustard
Sweet and savory English mustard. Made with white wine, olive oil and egg yolk. Try using as a rub on pork, chicken or lamb. Also a great addition to any sandwich. $10.00 / 12oz. jar

Dijon Mustard
Authentic French recipe. Taste that is a step above store bought Dijon and rivals any mustard made in Dijon, France. $10.00 / 12oz. jar

Hot Apple Jalapeno Glaze
Tastes like honey with a zip...but there's no honey. Sweet and savory. Made with apple pectin. Start with the sweet taste of the apples and end with the taste of the Jalapenos. $10.00 / 9oz. jar

Apple Grilling Glaze
A BBQ sauce with herbs and seasonings and an apple butter base. Great for grilling or baking. Try it with chicken, ribs and even salmon. Also great on tofu or turkey sandwiches. $10.00 / 9 oz. jar

Fume (Applewood Smoked Sea Salt)
Sea Salt smoked over applewood cuttings. Great as a meat rub or for seasoning in soups, stews, casseroles, vegetables or scrambled eggs. $10.00 / 9 oz. jar

Our own blend of 16 herbs and spices. Our own unique recipe for Herbs d'Provence. $10.00 / 5oz. jar

Apple Butter
We sell an Apple Butter with no sugar added. Sweetened only through the slow cooking process of the seven varieties of apples. $10.00 / 1lb 3 oz. jar

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